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BI HUB is a volunteer activity of the founders of SCALEUP, who lived abroad for a long time. After returning to Slovakia, we are trying to improve the region around us. The aim of the activity is to bring together professionals from the field of Business Intelligence and Automation together with the management of companies and create a platform for them to exchange experiences, opinions and solutions to problems. We also aggregate and share various information from the BI industry, mainly from Slovakia and the CEE region, but we also look around the world. We organize events of multiple formats and are expanding our presence in several cities in Slovakia, including outside of Košice, where we started in the summer of 2020. We are looking forward to working with various partners, especially the Košice IT Valley Association, which has greatly helped the creation of this whole idea.



  • To inspire and expand the awareness of people and companies in the field of Business Intelligence and Automation.
  • Get to know and share with each other professional and practical experience in the field and push other enthusiasts to a higher level.
  • Help the development of Slovak regions (mainly outside Bratislava) in topics such as Data Analytics and Automation for individuals and companies.

Our values

  • Simplicity and speed - we aim to keep up with the speed of BI and Automation development, communicating and getting things done concisely and as nimbly as possible.
  • Transparency and openness - we prefer things to be clear, shared and we talk to each other very directly.
  • Help each other - everyone helps each other, just by keeping the first two values, but here it can go even further and scale it up to the environment personally or professionally.

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